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High quality preparatory training sessions use up a huge number of calories which need to be replaced with the correct nutrients.After all, these sessions are crucial in giving Bolt the all-important muscle power and technique that help him to gain the advantage over his competitors.So Bolt can afford to indulge as an occasional luxury, and if he’s just won a gold medal, he certainly deserves it.And although sprinters are recommended to have a slightly higher protein intake for repair and growth than the general population, Bolt’s diet is not fundamentally different to what an average person should be ideally looking to eat, except of course energy requirements would be higher.Trying local delicacies is best left until after the games have finished.Rest assured, however, that there is some wriggle room, even in the diet of a world class sprinter.Protein allows muscles to recover, repair and develop after sprint and resistance drills which cause minute damages to the muscle fibres.Carbohydrates are still crucial for sprinters as sprint training also uses up a huge amount of a compound called glycogen.

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Most people should eat a well balanced mix of carbohydrates: pasta, bread, cereals and potatoes, and protein foods: meat, fish, cheese, egg and milk, beans and pulses as well as plenty of vitamin loaded fruit and vegetables.

And there’s even room for the occasional indulgence, although the rest of us might not have quite as good an excuse as Bolt for a high-fat binge.

During a training session, if Bolt is doing repeated sprints of 20 to 50 metres, the majority of his muscles’ glycogen will be depleted after about eight to ten efforts.

Good nutrition is therefore vital to restock the lost glycogen and repair any routine muscular damage that’s been done.

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