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That leads us to the first big question: Break out your pens, papers, styluses, etc, and let’s get down to some good ol’ fashioned intense Bible study.

In order to answer all of the above questions, we first need to figure out who the Gentiles are.

The only way to fight deception and false teaching is with the truth found in scripture.

Some of what we’re about to discover is part of a much larger and very well orchestrated Satanic deception, meant to keep all of mankind from the truth. the Gentiles: This sheds a little light on why Paul wrote a letter to the Galatians in the New Testament.

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In Luke, Christ connects the fulfillment of the time of the Gentiles to the end of the age.

I can’t do anything but teach the truth, regardless of how anyone feels about it.

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions.

When the subject of Gentiles is brought up, the above definition seems to be everyone’s default answer.

According to the world, the Gentiles are anyone not Jewish or of Hebrew descent, but that seems to be the exact opposite of what scripture says.

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