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As the highway became busier, the roadbed received improvements, and the infrastructure of support businesses — especially those offering fuel, lodging, and food that lined its right of way — expanded.

Even with tough times, the Depression that worked its baleful consequences on the nation produced an ironic effect along Route 66.

Visitors can read a Route 66 Overview and more in-depth essays that explore the development of the highway and the historic places along the route.

• Maps to help visitors plan what to see and do and get directions to historic places to visit.

Flanked by historic buildings and diverse cultural resources, Route 66 slices across the continent, revealing the process of historical change that transformed the lives of people, their communities, and the nation.

This fabled highway’s multiple alignments connect not only the East and the West, but also the past and the present.

Printing this page will print the introduction, five essays, the list of sites, and all of the descriptions for the sites featured in the itinerary.

The itinerary features a number of sections of the road and other historic places to visit, and more will be added to the itinerary in the future.

To understand Route 66 and capture its spirit, there is no substitute for driving the highway stopping to experience what is along the way.

Route 66 embodies a complex, rich history that goes well beyond any chronicle of the road itself.

As an artery of transportation, an agent of social transformation, and a remnant of America’s past, it stretches 2,400 miles across two-thirds of the continent.

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