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Cyber Stacking:- Cyber stalking involves following a persons movements across the Internet by posting messages (sometimes threatening) on the bulletin boards frequented by the victim, entering the chat-rooms frequented by the victim, constantly bombarding the victim with emails etc.In general, the harasser intends to cause emotional distress and has no legitimate purpose to his communications. Pedophiles:- Also there are persons who intentionally prey upon children.Women have one value - to meet the sexual demands of men.Marriage and children are obstacles to sexual fulfillment.Also impersonate another person is considered forgery. IPR Violations:- These include software piracy, copyright infringement, trademarks violations, theft of computer source code, patent violations. Cyber Squatting- Domain names are also trademarks and protected by ICANN’s domain dispute resolution policy and also under trademark laws. Use of stolen card information or fake credit/debit cards are common.

Desensitization: What was first perceived as gross, shocking and disturbing, in time becomes common and acceptable. Acting out sexually: There is an increasing tendency to act out behaviors viewed in pornography. Forgery:- Counterfeit currency notes, postage and revenue stamps, mark sheets etc can be forged using sophisticated computers, printers and scanners. Cyberterrorism can be conducted remotely, a feature that isespecially appealing to terrorists. Cyberterrorism has the potential to affect directly a larger number of people. Banking/Credit card Related crimes:- In the corporate world, Internet hackers are continually looking for opportunities to compromise a company’s security in order to gain access to confidential banking and financial information.

Information posted to a bulletin board can be accessed by anyone.

This means that anyone can place Cyber defamation is also called as Cyber smearing.

There are more than 420 million individual pornographic webpages today.

Research shows that 50% of the web-sites containing potentially illegal contents relating to child abuse were ‘Pay-Per-View’.

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