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Perhaps there’s a sort of pattern here and maybe poker isn’t the only game Negreanu plays. Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him. Scroll down and check out his slim body, short and/or medium light brown hairstyles & haircuts. was doing some random twitter browsing and came across a bunch of poker pros tweeting about some offensive things negreanu said in an interview, referring to annie duke as a "fucking cunt". like it must have been blown out of proportion, but its hilarious reading annie dukes twitter, and other people she retweets, is twitter a new way of indirectly shit talking someone? You have to realize that he has been banned from this site and had several disputes with the site. Last time I checked a majority of Americans support gay marriage, for example. Good for Daniel for being on the right side of that issue. Privateworld you are seriously taking DN hating to the 100th degree. I've been here since 05 and It's hating crap like yours that's turned me off about NVG in general.You're making being gay sound like being a pedophile. I think the dudes probably straight and if he isn't who cares? Daniel is loudest gay activist we have ever seen that claims to be a straight guy. Days and days of him going off on someone for gay rights. And is his new love on location in Barcelona to support him. (Not defending them, just a example) but, when it's about him and only after he gets backlash from one of his publicity stunts or post..then that's different. You don't see news777 or Daniel trying me again do you? Instead he's doing everything to get me kicked or shut down. I got messages as soon as I added some real truth to my post. I know that they took down post referring to what I wrote before. Daniel himself is certainly not trying to bribe me. He passes his real dirty work through several hands before it gets to the person.He also stated on one of his blogs that " he really wonder why Jason Summerville decided to come out to him." Yeah, I wonder why. The reason for Daniel hating on Annie Duke and Howard for years is because Annie sent a email to Kathy Liebert telling a dark secret about him. He was scared to death to address E dogs problems with robbing everyone, even was pressured by outlets to talk about it but, would not. Three weeks after Daniel divorced her (and spread the rumor he cheated with 2 girls) she got married agin to her long time boyfriend. - It's her first trip, she has only been to Mexico before. "She had no idea" And Negreanu does not need to be concerned that she chose him for the money. But if I have children or I do not want to travel as much. This year alone, he has recorded over 50 million, according to the British newspaper the Mirror he earns more than both Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. It felt ridiculous when I read it, although it may be good for poker that I mentioned along with such big stars. And when it was my turn, he looked at me and said: "It is you, the poker guy. Daniels regular fans of poker do not know these things and believe the pr promotions that news777 post. It is only to the people that rebuttle him or take the time to call BS to his stories. Pokerstars are looking for other avenues and has explored some with tennis players and athletes.

"Are grateful for that time" - My biggest crisis was related to a girl I was in love with Amanda Leatherman. Has anybody ever seen a picture of PAs wife or those of Barry/Doyle/Eli etc etc.? Now he has finally found love - hair stylist Marissa Rachelle Rodney. He is the world's most famous poker player and has won nearly 200 million.As if someone being gay is a huge scandal, something to be ashamed of. Is this the huge secret we're supposed to care about? I doubt anyone this day and age is going through that many fake girlfriends/wives for "show"....isn't 1947 Hattiesburg, Mississippi...theres no reason to be in the closet....noone cares. Because you'll need to do a lot better than that for anyone to care. 55 percent of Americans do not do what Daniel does week after week by video, blog,tweeters,emails and etc.. So funny the advertisement you had to do for free Jetson furniture backfired also..Would you like me to name the company next that gave it to you? Now he has finally found love - hair stylist Marissa Rachelle Rodney. He is the world's most famous poker player and has won nearly 200 million. He had his biggest ever crisis after the breakup with Amanda Leatherman.

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