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This is an important story for American men looking to maintain perspective: at least a quarter of the women you run into at any given time are not going to be alright upstairs.When you take into consideration that the highly sought after 18-25 demographic has even higher illness rates and that many of the mentally ill go undiagnosed, you could be looking at a vastly higher proportion of crazy girls, possibly approaching 50%.

It’s obsessed with dog-eat-dog individualism, materialism, and consumerism.This can make success in the game a little tougher to quantify because a less than desirable outcome with any given girl could just as easily be due to the mental instability of your target as it could be to your own failings.When dealing with a mentally unstable girl, even the right moves can lead to her lashing out at you for no apparent reason.This society is built to breed unhealthy people who are materialistic and constantly stressed and overworked.America’s Faustian bargain to achieve its dream is to trade high incomes and material possessions for balanced societal cohesion and a high mental quality of life.

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