Ava gardner dating history

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Years later, Ava didn't blame her for playing hardball.'She'd been a good wife. She had every right to fight for him, for their marriage.

She's stuck by Frank through thick and thin', Ava is quoted. Inside was Ava's picture with the inscription 'To FS, always yours, AS'.'In Ava, Dad had met his match', Tina stated.

This was a woman who was glorious', said Sinatra, quoted by Kendra Bean and Anthony Uzarowski in their new biography Ava, A Life in Movies, published by Running Press.

But marriage didn't stop Sinatra from hooking up with other women and Ava was only one of the women he was seeing.

Searching for stability and security that had evaded her in her many short-lived and clandestine love affairs, it was now Sinatra's turn at home plate.

Sinatra's reputation as a ladies' man and philandering was anything but a secret.'Frankie had every dame on the Metro lot', admitted publicist Jack Keller 'who was assigned to look after Frank' – and shared those lascivious stories with gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.

Her career was on the ascent at the time and Frank's was waning; his popularity was at an all time low.

It was during this period that actor Farley Granger claimed years later that he was having a brief affair with Ava and she believed in equality for women.'Ava felt that for a man to be admired while he played the field while a woman was called a slut for doing the same thing was "bulls***, honey! An Italian-American, Nancy Sinatra was obstinate about holding on to her marriage and it angered Ava.

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