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• August 15, 2012 AM re: @yoshi Having never attended Def Con, I was less than thrilled to read your report of the EFF's behavior there.

I'm a long time member of and contributor to EFF, and am greatly disappointed to hear of this.

The response of "this is just what hacker culture is, and changing it will destroy hackerdom" is just plain wrong.

When swaths of the population don't attend Def Con because they're not comfortable there or fear being assaulted, we all suffer. Finally, everyone at DEFCON benefits from more women attending.

I was pleased to see that about 20% of those there were women but disappointed that the ratio was still so unbalanced.

Where I work, there is one woman out of eight in security and the rest of IT has only a handful, most of them in either administrative or help desk roles.

• August 15, 2012 AM I was at Thotcon and I liked the cars, as a middle aged female geek I was not harassed, it seemed pretty typical to me, very few women, lots of beer, some interesting talks. • August 15, 2012 AM Like the man who drunkenly tried to lick my shoulder tattoo.

I would be extremely pleased if the Info Sec community could instead respond professionally and respectfully.

I just now composed this email to their general contact address, [email protected]

I would urge other EFF members to likewise express their disapproval: Folks: I am a long time contributor to and member of EFF, and I greatly admire and support the work that you do and support the policies and education efforts made through this organization.

• August 15, 2012 AM The skeptic community has been embroiled over the issue of harassment at skeptic conferences for most of the last year.

The skeptic community is a male and often geek dominated one, would it be too big a generalization to say the security world is also?

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