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And thanks to our good ol’ friend racism, most of those depictions of blackness are static, inaccurate, and offensive.

This is more than just a simple annoyance, because when people buy into these myths, they go out into the real world and assume that it’s reality.

I haven't done anything wrong here.'Elora hit back: 'It's easy for Simone to say that it was a guy problem, because saying the truth of why we had a fight is not going make her look good.

'Had I had a problem with you f**king Courtney on my couch, I would had stopped it right away.'Woman's Day previously reported that Simone and Elora's post-Bachelor friendship fell apart 'after they spent a few days together in Sydney'.

A lot of black stereotypes in movies focus on black Americans, but depictions of black people from Africa are pretty wonky, too.

Black Africans are usually characterized as backwards and simple minded.

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If black people are depicted as being dumb as rocks, ignorant people out there are going to be shocked when they meet a black person who is actually intelligent.There can't just be a teen movie about a black girl, it has to be a teen movie about a black girl struggling in the hood and escaping drive-bys and a drug addled mom.I'm not saying that those narratives don't exist either, and they shouldn't be erased, but variety is nice, too.As a black chick, I have pretty intimate knowledge of the fact that black people aren’t a monolith.Sure, many of us have some collective struggle–you know, like racism–and many of the things that connect us as a marginalized group come from our ways of grappling with that reality, in the form of music, protest, art, etc. Unfortunately, for people who only really see black people through media like movies and TV shows, there are only a select few ways to be black.

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