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Let’s just say that, for tonight, he’s settling for me. After all, this is the same guy who tracked down Drew’s facialist, her former co-stars and even a long-lost cousin in order to get closer to her. In the movie, Herzlinger’s an endearing but neurotic schlub. “Then again, now grandmothers are coming up to me after screenings and showing me pictures of their twentysomething granddaughters.” One thing’s clear, he’s still a major Drew fan. Herzlinger says both Drew and her company, Flower Films, have been “so amazing and supportive” of the movie.He crashed the “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” premiere (note to Sony: press passes are easier to fake than you might think). But then Herzlinger enters bearing a huge smile and an armful of daisies. The guy in front of me has not only trimmed down, he’s picked up a snappier wardrobe and an attractive helping of confidence. “It could have been called ‘My Restraining Order from Drew,'” he jokes. It was about going against the odds and accomplishing something that seemed so far out of my reach.” We eat, drink and part ways with a kiss on the cheek.AS I wait for my date to show up, it occurs to me that I should be pretty excited. He was a financially challenged, struggling director.After all, he’s tall, dark, Jewish – and a newly successful filmmaker. Brian Herzlinger isn’t your average Drew Barrymore enthusiast. But then Brian appeared as a contestant on the game-show pilot “Taboo.” The final challenge?I know you’ve made the point in a number of different things on how it is your life. CHRIS NEUMER: Well, those two were sort of put together, on my part. We decided on a Friday to make our movie and we started shooting on Monday. CHRIS NEUMER: Now when you were crafting this was there any talk about what would happen if after thirty days no date with Drew had come off. Were you still going to put the thing together as an American tragedy? With the help of his friends, dubbed “The Drew Crew,” he gave himself one month to meet her.To reveal whether his date with Drew ever came to fruition would be to give the movie away. “I think I’ve definitely screwed myself in terms of getting dates,” he says.

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One firm was up in North Hollywood and I launched into a three-minute long thing about how bad North Hollywood was before it became apparent that they were actually located in North Hollywood. You’ve got to look up the zip code before you do that. The idea is though the only thing stopping you from making a movie and thus following your dream of making films is yourself. I never thought I would be on the other side of the chairs. BRIAN HERZLINGER: Yeah, you make more on unemployment. It was from people all around the world saying, “Go for it Brian and get that date with Drew and if you get it, can you get me a date with Angelina Jolie? You are the underdog, you’ve got no cash and I can relate to that. CHRIS NEUMER: But on the other hand, you’ve got this great ball of success that you are striving for. Then you think about it and it’s like you were just trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore. It also shows we’re not delirious about what the quest is. BRIAN HERZLINGER: Flower Films has been amazing throughout the whole process. Over here, on the other side, right where you’re sitting on Sunset, that’s the HBO. BRIAN HERZLINGER: It’s so easy for somebody to take what I say and manipulate it into whatever they want and that has happened. This was actually one of the most fun talks I’ve had because you didn’t ask me the same questions.

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An American actor and producer, Shannon Brown has starred in upwards of 100 projects, ranging from short and feature films to commercials and stage.

I told one kid, “I remember sitting right there, freaking out and being upset, why doesn’t anyone come here and talk.” That was amazing! That’s one of the reasons we are so thrilled that people are responding so overwhelmingly positive to it and are saying, “You inspired me to follow my dream.” When we put the website up, in 1 weeks we had over 150,000 hits on the site. I hesitate to call it the American dream because that is too trite, but you show this dogged persistence and craftiness. If she goes on Letterman and promotes the film and then … CHRIS NEUMER: You do have your talking points with your journey and quest.

We sat right in that seat you are sitting in right there. I knew that this was a positive dream of a kid growing up in Jersey looking at the poster of the girl on his bedroom wall, dreaming about meeting her, dreaming about getting a date with her. The idea is that everybody related to the question. It seems like it is this really triumphant portrayal of American perseverance and the ability to fight through obstacles. Have you contacted Drew to see if she could go out on guest shows to help promote this? CHRIS NEUMER: Is there sort of a balancing effect on that?

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