Cassie and diddy dating 2016

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Similarly, his younger sister, Alli, has been trying to ride his coattails, and considering he can't even happen, it's a safe bet that she won't either.

Rita Ora has all the makings of a star: She has a body made for sin, the voice of an angel, and Jay Z in her corner.

39 on the Hot 100, and "Don't Hold Your Breath" peaked at No. In the six years that she's been trying, Scherzinger hasn't been able to release an actual album in the United States, but says she's hoping to make that happen soon. "It was rumored all this year that I was dropped and I actually wasn't dropped," she said. We're still working on finalising the contract, which I am unable to speak too much about.

The Instagram beauty keeps showing up on red carpets, and we can't figure out why. He shows up at awards shows, dances occasionally, and was one of the most reviled cast members of , but she hasn't had a hit song of her own in ages, despite being talented and stunningly beautiful.

Here's hoping she's investing the money she has strategically because she may be forced into retirement sooner than she thinks. She attracted some limelight when she hooked up with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, then broke up, then made up, got knocked up (times three! Since then, Cavallari has kept her name in headlines with occasional music video cameos, rampant anti-vaccine propaganda and quotes about her marriage that nobody really asked for. with then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, but the Aussie teen star can't seem to break through in the States.

In 2016, she attracted the attention of Beyoncé's "Bey Hive" after rumors about Ora and Jay Z hit the tabloids.

Ora was also embroiled in lawsuits with Jay Z's Roc Nation music label.

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