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She loves pointless actions and meaningless challenges.She also enjoys teasing Yukari with fibs and practical jokes.However, the club's only member besides Yukari is her friend Kohane, who does little more than show up to fulfill their member requirement, so she's truly happy to welcome Yukiko to the art club when she shows an interest in painting. I just figured this out recently, but if you put sweet sauce on bee larvae, it tastes like broiled eel.I’ll have to ask my brother what he thinks about that later.” Yukari's classmate and friend.I work out, so I don’t feel like I’ve gotten fatter, but the fact that I get so surprisingly hungry seems a little dangerous to me, as a girl.” The adoptive mother of Kuchiki Toko, who's currently missing. Her relationship with her daughter wasn't a particularly good one.

He continues to search for a kidnapped girl after getting involved in the "Kara no Shoujo Incident." It's been almost two years since she was kidnapped, but he still has no leads. Uozumi gave me a car in his infinite generosity, so I’ve been enjoying driving around lately.She's met Yukiko before and calls her "Yukiko-chan," and also calls Yukari the affectionate nickname "Yukaricchi." She's in the art club to spend time with Yukari, but doesn't actually participate in their activities.A female student who aspires to be a detective's assistant and is currently the captain of the kendo team.She's a hot-blooded but well-mannered girl with a strong sense of justice. In just a year, she's grown much taller and her chest has developed significantly, her boyishness replaced by a more tomboyish look.“I’m Sato Ayumu, assistant at the Tokisaka Detective Agency. Lately I’ve been eating more—because I’m growing, I guess.

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