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I thought I would go down to the hotel bar and see if there was any action there. She could see into my suite and saw Holly was standing there. Do this a couple more times before you start fucking hard. Mostly chit chatting." "Did she fuck you or did you fuck her? "Thinking of you and her and what you two did on this bed is making me horny. I've never had to pay for a piece of ass and I was not about to start now. She could have had any man she wanted, whenever she wanted. I especially liked the one where I could see the other woman from Marcie's POV. I walked along the beach promenade enjoying the sights.

I pulled my sheer beach dress over my head and shimmied my hips. All the shady places were taken except for food concession stands. "Do you always walk up to women and show them your cock? "You are very pretty and god damn, that body of your's is H-O-T! I was taking a shower when Holly came into my bathroom. Her vulva looked as though there had been a suction applied to make her swell like that. I had a hard time believing that I wanted this big black cock inside my wife.I hurried across the street and entered the hotel, at least I was safe here. My bikini bottom was only a string and I was sure my wetness was on my inner thighs. She was wearing panties and I slipped my fingers down the front. She had a nice room, two double beds, more than adequate. My bikini top was next and when the bottoms hit my ankles I stepped out of them. She did a wolf whistle and dropped to her knees in front of me. I put my arms around her neck as she walked me toward the bed. Janet had a very educated tongue, she ate my pussy in ways I had never been eaten before. My pussy was flooded with my juices, Janet was slurping as she ate my cunt. Marcie's head dropped down as she licked the woman's cunt and sucked on her clit. I saw his ass clench as her shot his cum up into my wife's cunt. Marcie knows I'm here and she want to fuck him again, in front of me. I could see Marcie push and his cum started to flow out. Holly was swirling her tongue around in Marcie's slit. I think she was teasing me by making strings of cum between her tongue and Marcie's cunt.He had no way of knowing, but if he would have been half a gentleman, he probably would have scored with me. I was of the opinion that Janet was going to get a piece of me this afternoon. We finished our lunches and signed the guest checks. Her tongue found my clit and she was sucking and tickling it. She turned her face to me and said, "Don't even try to get away now Honey, your cunt belongs to me! I wondered if she would like my extremely wet pussy. It didn't take Janet long to give me my first orgasm. Jack and Holly are good at cunnilingus, but Janet had them both beat by a mile. Janet was jamming her fingers hard into me and I screamed into her mouth when I climaxed. I didn't believe the dirty words that Marcie was using. Marcie was looking straight into my eyes when she said, "Javon, are you ready for round two?The new client wanted to be wined and dined before any contract signing. Jack will then see Javon's cock slowly withdrawing from your cunt. Her panties, if you want to call them that, slid down with the skirt. I couldn't blame her, I should have never had a woman in our bed. The place was crowded with a younger crowd, maybe mid-twenties. I had one sip of my drink and there was this young thing asking if she could sit next to me. My name is Jack, nice to meet you." "My name is Sally and it's nice to meet you also." "Can I buy you a drink? She looked the part, shapely, perfect makeup and killer looks.I was to go to sleep and she would see me around noon tomorrow. He will come to my bedroom and see us having a threesome. He will also see your juicy foam on Javon's black cock. She pressed her middle finger into my slit, but I was still somewhat dry. Her tongue is long and she worked my G-spot till I climaxed multiple times. I looked over at Javon, his cock was still flaccid, but he was watching us intently. It wasn't long until she let me know that she was available for a nice four figure amount.

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