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If such information is written it will be deleted and this page will be locked and/or deleted!This includes but is not limited to: rumors, inaccurate information, hurtful things, cyberbullying, and condescending and/or sarcastic remarks.Hej, the Alpha Denim Recruits put out a new single, “ROCKNROLL MACHINE”, just a few days ago.TJR took the chance and grabbed the one, the only Rune Rebellion, a TRUE Rock´n Roll Machine, to chat about the new single, Turbo´s new musical paths and the upcoming tour ass well ass a brandnew album! TJR picks up this topic with Pan Daemon (TJ SATANIKA) and talks about how Turbojugend-life can be managed in any real real life cycle.The main goal for this page is to allow everyone to get to know each other better.This page is for writing information about yourself or other people under their username. However, all information must not be bad, lies, or slander.

Pauli, about the great program and happy days ahead.

Alex_Dono: Has been a player on pmu for a long time, usually a lazy guy, he dresses up to fight crime at night as the "Puffy Blim".

Almiaranger: Almia has been playing PMU since late PMU 5, first under the name Angie.

More quality and some advice on how to save on costs. Or on i Tunes for free ass well: P Yeah, everybody wants to own one, why don´t you make one yourself?

Well, there are indeed very good reasons why Bootlegging of Kutten is a true NO-GO for TJ worldwide.

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