Communicator contacts not updating

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After some miscommunication about whether or not I was to work a shift in a snowstorm, my boss called my significant other on the phone in order to find me.She is not listed as an emergency contact, nor did my boss have access to the number anywhere else regarding work.Refusing to respect the request of someone who doesn’t even work for your company is weird too. This all feels off enough that I’m wondering what the broader context is.Is your relationship with your manager or others above you already strained?In considering each of these elements, the questions that follow provide a useful check-list.Receiver - What will be the most effective way of sharing the information? A senior government official, for example, is more likely to take notice of a written submission followed by a personal visit. A balance must be achieved between what the receiver wants to know and what the source feels the receiver ought to know. In other words, how can the message be put into the words, pictures or symbols that the receiver will understand and take notice of? - Where should the information be seen to come from?(He had her number because I once had her call management while I had been driving in another snowstorm.

Naturally, I composed a formal and professional email to all of the other members of the management team (I am a supervisor myself) expressing the request, specifying that it had been made by my significant other.

Or might there have been other problems with scheduling you or communications over your schedule, and this could be frustration from that?

Absent something like that, I’m left thinking your manager just really overreacted and is being wildly unreasonable about your girlfriend, but it’s worth taking a look at the broader situation and seeing if you can find answers in there.

The upper management took it as passive aggressive, when in reality it was as direct and polite as possible.

The following day, I was issued a written warning about sending out passive aggressive emails and was ordered to forget about my significant other’s request, as my manager saw the circumstances of my phone silence and lack of showing up for work as an emergency.

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