Cyber masterbate

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- age 17, Australia I have tried to "cyber-masturbate," but without success.Perhaps it's because I'm sitting up (I find it almost impossible to maintain an erection in any position except lying down).The issue of identity accuracy goes away, and the "cyber" aspects of the relationship enhance the others.The biggest risk for people is when they become emotionally involved with a stranger on the Internet, where true identities can easily be hidden.] This is my favorite way to masturbate.We had been talking every day for several months, so I got to know him very well. Finally I excused myself and went to get my vibrator.

The risk of discovery was too high because my mother had one closet in my room — so she would just drop in.

Still, the Internet provides some degree of protection because people are usually communicating with someone far away.

Finally, "cyber-masturbation" seems to work best for people who know each other outside the "cyber" relationship.

I love it when the other person describes what they are doing. I like to "cyber" with guys because we can talk about having sex with girls and various sexual experiences we've had.

- age 22, Louisiana I've never really "cyber-masturbated," but one time I did a "cyber-backrub" with my best chick friend, which got pretty graphic. - age 17, California I have a camera attached to my computer.

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