Dating a cyclist

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Everest, breaking 125mph and setting a BASE jump world record.

There are plenty of excellent reasons why shacking up with a pedaller would be a great idea, but here are a few of the best ones.

While some mechanical problems require the attention of a qualified mechanic, cyclists often take it upon themselves to fix their bikes on their own.

If you’re not a cyclist, you’ll have plenty of time to yourself to do whatever it is you enjoy doing.

Your partner will be out for long periods of time, getting lost on country lanes and fixing punctures.

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The downhill sections became so slick that a major jump was closed for safety reasons.And with rides often lasting multiple hours, we’ve got to be pretty good at coming up with conversation topics.Most of it may be about bikes, but we’re also known to talk about travel (in which country would you love to ride your bike?Film by <a href=" target="_blank"> Red Bull.</a> "\r\n\t Valey Rozov jumps from 25,330 feet on Mt.Film by <a href=" target="_blank"> Red Bull.<\/a>\r\n","ref":"1294","mediaid":"Nkhxgq Ds","date":"June 4, 2013","image":"https:\/\/\/filestore\/1\/2\/9\/4_86694c90abe4afd\/kraken_20130604101946_1294pre_44de218cfa4b447.jpg?

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