Dating a sagittarius man

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The always ready to go Sagittarius causes distrust, jealousy and possessiveness in Scorpio.

Soon, neither lover is happy, and sex won't hold them together.

Sagittarius signs are spontaneous and love outdoor activities. A bit aloof, they look for partners that will have patience with them.

The Sagittarius lover needs endless travel and adventure.

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When the Cancer and Sagittarius connect their Water and Fire, they make a rather confusing combination.

To attract a Sagittarius, talk about vacations, adventures and outdoor activities.Sagittarius lovers like slow and smoldering sex, but it is often a game. Sagittarius is too playful about sex for Scorpio's intense emotional passions.By nature, Scorpio is dominating but will have a lot of trouble keeping their Sagittarius lover under control.Sagittarius woman is swift, easy-going and up to the mark to live up the expectations of a Cancer man.She appreciates him for showing her the right path as she has the tendency of being reckless but hates being dominated.

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