Dating divorced men issues

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I can tell you that it would be unwise of you to marry until you understand the legal ramifications of selling your home and putting the money in your husband's home without being on the title.I would recommend that you talk to an accountant or financial advisor.For those couples who have had a 'good enough' divorce, working out parenting collaboratively can be a benefit to all involved.For those couples whose divorce is followed by continued conflict, parenting issues only intensifies the hostility of each adult.The better a relationship is between the two exes, the easier it will be on the 'new relationship'.The more animosity between the exes, the harder it is on the new relationship.Remarriage can pose a completely new set of unexpected challenges for the honeymooners, which is why one of the hardest roles in a remarriage is being a stepparent.This role can have bigger challenges if the biological parents don't get along.

Children need and want both parents in their lives.

Although your fiancé had been divorced for a year before the two of you started dating, based on his ex's reaction to the news of your engagement, I would have to say that their relationship is not over and that they have 'unfinished' business that the divorce is still addressing.

This poses a bigger challenge for you and the role you would like to play in the life of your soon-to-be stepdaughter.

My boyfriend tells me to seek employment in the area HE lives.

I say that is not reasonable because I do not live in his area, hence a catch-22 situation. After we marry, he has asked that I sell my home and put the money toward his residence (he had to take out a large amount to pay off his ex). One possible reason your boyfriend's son does not like you may have nothing to do with you and everything to do with his parent's divorce.

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