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Sargon was a ruler who rose from a modest position in the court of the city-state of Kish to rule what would become the Akkadian empire.

He pressed his military campaigns into new lands, and undertook a massive building project to renovate his capital city at Akkad, which would become a long lasting influence even into the days of the later Babylonian empire.

Whatever the case may be, the facts remain largely ambiguous until the time of his first post in a royal court.

The precise details and date of Sargon's death are unknown, but it is extremely likely that the cause was simply old age.Sumeria was the first culture to develop writing and centralized administration.In the 23rd century BC, Sumeria was conquered by a Semetic Akkadian called Sargon.While the Akkadian empire was only to survive Sargon by 100 years before falling apart under his descendents, his historical impact is unquestionable.While other Sumerian kings had created empires before him, Sargon developed many of the ideas and innovations of centralized government and military power that became commonplace later in history.

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