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Philadelphia became a point along a road stretching from Ailah to Damascus that was built by Emperor Trajan in 106 AD.

This provided an economic boost for the city in a short period of time.

The site was discovered in 1974 as construction workers were working on a road crossing the area.

By 1982, when the excavations started, around 600 meters (2,000 feet) of road ran through the site.

Despite the damage brought by urban expansion, the remains of 'Ain Ghazal provided a wealth of information.

These statues are human figures made with white plaster, with painted clothes, hair, and in some cases ornamental tattoos.

The bones showed evidence of burning, which led to the assumption that the altar functioned as a pyre.In the 13th century BC Amman was the capital of the Ammonites, and became known as "Rabbath Ammon".Ammon provided several natural resources to the region, including sandstone and limestone, along with a productive agricultural sector that made Ammon a vital location along the King's Highway, the ancient trade route connecting Egypt with Mesopotamia, Syria and Anatolia.Its successor was known as "Rabbath Ammon", which was the capital of the Ammonites, then as "Philadelphia", and finally as Amman.The city is among the most popular locations in the Arab world for multinational corporations to set up their regional offices, alongside Doha and only behind Dubai.

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