Dating married spanko

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She likes to have fun Likes to try new and interesting things Likes to laugh Spontaneous Easy going A fan of comedies Very open with communication Doesn’t take herself too seriously Has no problems expressing her feelings Is comfortable with herself and her body These are all “yes” signals when it comes to spanking.

I am not saying that if you meet someone with one or all of these traits you are guaranteed the perfect spanking partner, but your chances are greatly improved in my opinion.

So please don’t think that when you go out looking for a spanking partner your chances will be very low in finding one, because they are not.

If you believe ahead of time that you will fail, you will. Let’s move along and talk about how to meet, and most importantly how to keep that special spanking someone.

As I started to become attracted to the opposite sex, my eyes would always focus on her derriere.

I considered it then as I do now, the most beautiful site to behold in the world.

Sure it could be a coincidence, but I think choosing the right personality plays a huge role.OK so let’s say you are in the dating stage right now.Is there a specific personality trait to look for in a spanking partner? Before i go on, I just want to give a little history of the girls I have gone out with in the past.It’s certainly an avenue to try however, but I wouldn’t place all your hope in such places and then give up if you don’t succeed, resolved to living your life as a vanilla. But what if there isn’t one in your area, or you go to one only to find mostly couples, or you don’t click with any of the single ladies. How to find them will be the focus of this article. I have had a fascination with spanking for as long as I can remember.Do you sit and wait for the next party the following year? So how does a single guy (or girl) find a partner for a long term relationship that includes spanking? Long before puberty and long before I would have ever considered it something even remotely sexual.

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