Dating parties houston

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Match up your lock and keys as you mingle to earn prizes.

A great way to break the ice and a perfect excuse to talk to anyone you fancy.

If you get off track, miss a red flag or two, we can guide you back in the right direction. Fill out our form, or give us a call to take a step on the right track in reaching your relationship goals.

Along with Matchmaking, we have experts available to help you in many areas of your life.

We put our clients through a process before we offer them membership.

We cannot accept every client we meet without a background check will be performed. Let us qualify all of the available bachelors and bachelorettes and we will be the picky ones for you; this is how we keep our client’s success rate very high.

Exclusive event invites, helpful dating advice, casting calls & coupons from our sponsors.

Michelle and Cara were photographed leaving a London restaurant together, looking very coupley.Whether you’re a school teacher, a successful business owner, a busy professional or somewhere in-between, we can customize something that works just for you.All of our clients will receive expert guidance from CEO & Founder Jamie Rose and her team.Our events take place in restaurants, lounges and other upscale venues.We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events.

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