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Please read more for information about UL’s combined mark for Europe, Canada and the United States.Products in compliance with UL’s Listing and Follow-Up Service for Canada and the United States as well as our certification service for Europe and factory inspection requirements are eligible to bear a combined UL Mark for all three markets.Products carrying marks for Canada have been evaluated to Canadian safety requirements, which may be somewhat different from U. There are two options for the marks for UL’s Listing service, as noted below.Additional elements and markings may be present for products that comply with UL’s certification service and factory inspection requirements for Europe.A detailed overview of (extended) expiry dates, dates for application and submission dates for supplementary dossiers for the renewal is provided in the Draft Working Document - Renewal Programme.The applicant must submit an application for renewal three years before the current deadline if they wish to renew the approval of the substance.It must be emphasised that some of the figures given in this document are indicative dates.

A manufacturer’s name or trademark, and model number are also required on the product.

These marks are seen commonly on appliances and computer equipment, furnaces and heaters, fuses, electrical panel boards, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, personal flotation devices, bullet resistant glass, and thousands of other products. These marks appear on end products and complete components suitable for factory and field installation.

There are multiple variations of marks for UL’s Listing service, some of which are for use in the United States, others for use in Canada and still others for use in both markets. A combination mark indicates compliance with both Canadian and U. All of the products carrying these marks are covered by our Follow-Up Services program to determine that products continue to be manufactured in compliance with UL’s safety requirements.

Active substances are approved for maximum period of 10 years.

Under Directive 91/414/EEC two programmes of renewal were initiated: one under Regulation EC 737/2007 (AIR- 1 programme) and the second one under Regulation EU 1141/2010 (AIR-2 programme).

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