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30, the couple married in a chilly tent in Sunol, Calif., outside the Casa Bella Event Center. Gutierrez, on the edge of tears, walked toward her calm and steady beau on the arm of her father. Hinshaw’s “dedication to doing things well and wholly,” while noting the difference in their approach to a soccer match. Hinshaw leaves early to allow for traffic snafus and a proper warm-up.Many of the 200 guests raised their hands in a prayer of blessing and support before a ceremony that blended the couple’s quirky mix of secular and spiritual. While not quite promising to agree to his timing, Ms. Doggedness The couple’s dog, Copper, circled the large reception hall next door for hours on the prowl for scraps under the buffet table.He had just started medical school at the University of California, Davis, where he is now in his second year, and was facing the possibility of calling off his engagement to his high school sweetheart.His fiancée was unwilling to commit to a wedding date.A physical relationship began with one friend, but after a while, he said, the “friends with benefits” arrangement was confusing and unfulfilling. (Her mother, Janice Gutierrez, no longer employed as a pastor, runs an international nonprofit promoting women’s leadership. Gutierrez saw her sweet and reliable teammate in a new light: He possessed a dry wit and charm. Hinshaw, known for his steady demeanor, eased her angst with conversation that gradually revealed their many similarities. Gutierrez said, “Guys had said that before, but their actions didn’t bear it out.”But the next night she was at a concert by herself when Mr. Hinshaw even asked about the meaning and origin of the many bumper stickers on her beloved truck.She said she regrets the ideas imparted upon her young daughter at church.)“After becoming sexually active, I basically figured I should marry every guy who saw me naked,” Ms. “That didn’t really work out, to say the least.”Despite her longing for a deep union, in relationships she had never felt matched. He had earned a degree in neuroscience from Gordon College, also a Christian institution. “He cared about who I was and wanted to know my stories,” she said.Gutierrez pledged to “show up to everything, whether it’s our daily conversations or our biggest hard decisions, in a way that counts.”Mr. Gutierrez’s “dogged defending” and determination both on the soccer field and elsewhere, and promised to “always try again” when he doesn’t get it right in their relationship. Their Own Drumbeat The large bridal party entered the outdoor wedding tent to “Follow Your Arrow” by Kasey Musgraves, with lyrics referring to the couple’s conundrum with religious conventions. The after-party was in a saloon named for the 1981 honorary mayor of Sunol: a black dog named Bosco.Kyle Cummins, a friend and pastor for Young Life ministry, gave the couple communion before pronouncing them married. A stuffed likeness of the dog stands on the bar, ready to serve.

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It's time I learned more about the world I reckon, and that's where you come in.

“Every team has a coach, and yours is God,” he said. Long Love Guests included friends of the couple and their parents going back to childhood.

During an “anniversary dance,” a countdown contest revealed those with the longest unions.

Stints of online dating brought adventures — some wildly fun and some marginally traumatizing — but the connections left her lonely. For two weeks, they spent every free moment together, talking through politics (socially progressive), deep beliefs like creation or evolution (both are possible) and Jesus (both a savior and a guy who lived in a way that puts life into perspective). Gutierrez handle the time constraints of his medical training and what if his residency was elsewhere?

By last spring when she was running the field with Mr. Gutierrez said she “came to the conclusion: ‘I’m awesome, so why were these guys idiots? When the reception was over, some guests went to Bosco’s Bones & Brew, a bar in Sunol, Calif. (She relished alone time and if a move was in his plan, she’d move, too.)Inside of those two weeks Mr.

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