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absence epilepsy – A type of epilepsy that occurs especially in children and is manifested by a sudden momentary loss of cosciousness with minimal motor manifestations.acetylcholine – Reversible acetic acid ester of choline that serves as a neurotransmitter at the myoneural junction, in parasympathetic ganglia, and at parasympathetic nerve endings.abduction – Movement of a limb away from the midline of the body.Clap your hands together and then move them away from each other; this is abduction. abcess – A localized collection of pus in a cavity, formed by the disintegration of tissues.agnosia – A defect in the ability to recognize and intepret compex stimuli caused by lesion in the angular gyrus. akinetic mutism – Also known as a persistent vegetative state.The patient neither moves or speaks with volition and is unaware of internal or external stimuli.affect – The emotional tone characteristic of each person’s presentation.

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afferent – Sensory pathway proceeding toward the central nervous sysem from the peripheral receptor organs.The program is designed to be comprehensive and based in a medical facility with a typical length of stay of 2-3 months.Treatment is provided by an identifiable team in a designated unit. Routine activities carried out for personal hygiene and health (including bathing, dressing feeding) and for operating a household.anaplasia – A characteristic of tumor tissue in which there is a loss of differentiation of cells (dedifferentiation), of their orientation to one another, and to their axial framework and relationship to blood vessels.The degree of anaplasia is related to the malignancy of the tumor.

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