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” startled host of Aussie radio station KIIS FM Meshel says."Oh god, he’s just smelt her robe and said it was perfect."Her co-host Matt then count down until the big reveal, saying: “One, two, three and everybody is naked.“I would’ve preferred a 10 count – I wasn’t ready for that.” But the real shocker came at the end of the show when one of the producers of the naked date programme asked the pair if they wanted to kiss.And the total strangers – both from Melbourne, Australia – jumped at the chance.The date saw 22-year-old brunette babe Jordyn and 31-year-old hunk Yevgeny drop their robes and removed their underwear in front of each other.After checking each other out Yevgeny makes the bizarre confession that he has a fetish for fake tan."You can smell the fake tan and you like it?Amy Paffrath served as the host for the first two seasons and was clothed in her appearances.The first season was filmed on an island in Panama.The latest in London’s saucy scenes, Date in a Dash have begun hosting nude events for ages 23 to 35, to shake up the dating scene, cut through the bulls*** and to reveal right off the bat who’s really attracted to who, and who’s sporting, say, an unfortunate butt tattoo.The format is simple: regular speed dating, with four-minute meetings, a mingle and a yes, no or friends column to tick. Just 20 quid will buy you a look at 30 odd sets of genitalia – although not, apparently, a bottle of wine at the pricey Balham venue, The Exhibit pub (no pun intended).

In monstrously awkward footage the pair can’t keep their hands off each other after stripping off in an X-rated date broadcast live online.Within seconds of meeting each other, the naked couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other.“I’m just trying to get the vibes going,” Matt says.Students at posh Cambridge University love to let their hair down at the end of the academic year by glamming up and attending boozy balls.In fact, trying to make a good impression on a total stranger while sweating from your inner thighs is about as #nofilter as it gets.But I screwed my courage to the sticky place and decided to brave it alone, without a friend along for moral support. (Also, they all refused to come.) So there I was, alone outside a pub in Balham, having broken the habit of a lifetime and arrived early, puffing frantically on a fag and trying to psyche myself up to go inside.

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