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International expansion has long been one of the Times’ goals.

In a memo last year, CEO Mark Thompson and executive editor Dean Baquet wrote that the paper would prioritize efforts “to tailor our journalism and products to make them more relevant for specific new audiences, rather than viewing the rest of the world as just one big audience.” The Times began translating stories into Spanish in early 2015 as it worked to develop the new products.

Last year, it began posting on We Chat in English and Chinese. And organizations such as Buzz Feed and Mashable have also expanded abroad.

Plans for a Portuguese-language site, however, were scrapped, and the Times also shuttered its India Ink blog in 2014. Polgreen said she considers The New York Times en Español an extension of the Times’ current products. “The truth is, people want to read The New York Times, and they want to read the Times’ marquee journalists.

“I was a foreign correspondent for ten years,” Polgreen said.

Over the past year or so, Polgreen and others have taken multiple trips to the region to conduct research on the market.

On one, Polgreen walked around Mexico City getting her shoes shined at multiple places, and asking the shoeshiners how their customers typically consume their news.

Polgreen wouldn’t specify which other regions the Times is targeting for future expansion, but she said the paper would probably try to replicate the curated approach even if it’s entering a predominantly English-speaking market.

For now, the Spanish site will be free to access, and its stories won’t count against the Times’ paywall.

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