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• Villagers win 30-year battle to remove 40ft hedge • Parents who never got baby ashes demand apology from crematorium • Loud sex noises land woman in jail He kept the names of all the escorts he used on his mobile phone and paid them a total of almost £80,000 over a three month period.Another £85,000 was splurged on Ebay in which Taylor bought pens, pottery and cricket memorabilia.On Tuesday Taylor, who specialised in probate, wills, trusts and Powers of Attorney at his firm Andrew J Taylor Solicitors in Cheadle was facing public ruin, disgrace and beingh struck off after he admitted fraud charges.Seven his victims died before they could see him sent to prison."I do not intend to paint him as a victim but looking at his life today you might be forgiven to think what more can be done to punish him than has already affected his life.His life came to disarray from the time of his diagnosis with Parkinson's diseases and his access to adult sites and obsessions came to grow out of control." Passing sentence the judge Mr Justice Peter Openshaw said: "Some of the victims were understandably outraged at the deceit practiced against them."However he was still a practicing solicitor and he was competently conducting is business.

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"He said one of the women he had met on the chat lines had asked him to lend her some money and that he had taken some money from a client account to give to her. "He said that having done it once he got carried away, began spending his own client's money and got sucked into a self-destructive mode." The court heard Taylor's victims had dementia or lived in care homes and were robbed of sums between £1200 and £400,000.

He said that he had met these women on the Adult Works chat lines and that the payments which appeared in his accounts were for phone sex or cam sex or were payments to escorts." Police contacted Adult Works and obtained details of payments which showed he had two accounts with the company with the first registered in 2007 and the second registered in 2011.

A purchase history revealed that in 2007 the defendant made 16 payments to the company using that first account and during the following three years made around 50 payments each year.

"He was a judo coach, treasurer of his local sports club and an active and generous man in his Civic Society.

Since the onset of proceedings he has lost his son, his health, his career, his good character and one route or another his assets and do describe him as a crushed man is no exaggeration.

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