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Although there are reports of ships for Asian coolies carrying women and children, the great majority of them were men.

Another explanation is that the Hindustani word qulī originated from the Gujarati aboriginal tribe or caste known as Kuli, and the word was picked up by the Portuguese who then used it in South India, hence the Tamil word kuli.In 1875, British commissioners estimated that approximately eighty percent of the workers had been abducted.Mortality was very high; it is estimated that from 1847 to 1859, the average mortality rate for coolies aboard ships to Cuba was 15.2 percent, and losses among those aboard ships to Peru were as high as 40 percent in the 1850s, and 30.44 percent from 1860 to 1863.For those who did sign on voluntarily, they generally signed on for a period of two to five years.In addition to having their passage paid for, Coolies were also paid under twenty cents per day, on average.

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