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Job details: 12/10/2012 - Info bpdbm (pid=31516) staging relational database files for catalog backup 12/10/2012 - Info bpdbm (pid=31516) staging NBAZDB backup to /opt/VRTSnbu/db/staging 12/10/2012 - Error bpdbm (pid=31516) error staging NBAZDB backup to /opt/VRTSnbu/db/staging 12/10/2012 - Info bpdbm (pid=31516) staging NBDB backup to /opt/VRTSnbu/db/staging 12/10/2012 - Info bpdbm (pid=31516) done staging NBDB backup to /opt/VRTSnbu/db/staging the requested operation was partially successful (1) bpdbm .204 [31516] Perform the following commands to confirm if NBAZDB can started. The following showed that the transaction log for NBAZDB database appears to be corrupted: [[email protected] bpdbm]# /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_ping -dbn NBAZDB Database [NBAZDB] is not available. Starting database "NBAZDB" (/opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/NBAZDB.db) at Tue Dec 11 2012 I. Change directory to where EMM Data Base resides, typically its /usr/openv/db/data - cd /usr/openv/db/data In a VCS cluster the directory would be on the shared disk under /opt/VTRSnbu/db/data: cd /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/ In this directory confirm there is the [[email protected] log]# ls -ahl /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/-rw------- 1 root root 320K Nov 28 /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/If it's there rename it with - # mv bad Create a new transaction log - /usr/openv/db/bin/dbeng11 -f NBAZDB it should recreate a transaction log Confirm the transaction log got recreated - ls -l /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/NBAZDB* should see and then try starting NBAZDB /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_admin -start NBAZDB See if you can start it: /usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_admin -start NBAZDB I. Starting database "utility_db" (utility_db) at Tue Dec 11 2012 I. Database "utility_db" (utility_db) started at Tue Dec 11 2012 I. Starting database "NBAZDB" (/opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/NBAZDB.db) at Tue Dec 11 2012 I. Database "utility_db" (utility_db) stopped at Tue Dec 11 2012 [[email protected] log]# ls -ahl /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/-rw------- 1 root root 320K Nov 28 /opt/VRTSnbu/db/data/Recreate the transaction log for NBAZDB database by performing the following procedure - 1. fix later, from try 2 on oaprod2 vxplex -g rootdg dis rootvol-01 vxplex -g rootdg dis var-01 u01-01 swapvol-01 vxedit -g rootdg -fr rm rootvol-01 vxedit -g rootdg -fr rm swapvol-01 var-01 u01-01 vxdg -g rootdg rmdisk bootdisk vxdisk rm c1t0d0 /etc/vx/bin/vxdisksetup -i c1t0d0 format=sliced Add disk c1t0d0 to vertias control, using sliced format for boot-able disk.vxdg -g rootdg adddisk bootdisk=c1t0d0 vxassist -g rootdg mirror swapvol bootdisk & Mirror swap slide try mirror swap first so that it will start at cyl 2 It won't put any partition info in vtoc yet.vxassist -g rootdg mirror var bootdisk & vxassist -g rootdg mirror u01 bootdisk & So instead, use vxmirror... Try in test "4" /etc/vx/bin/vxbootsetup -g rootdg rootdisk Configure bootable info on vxvm boot disk in rootdg disk group.vxmirror -g rootdg bootmirror bootdisk This mirror partition and cyl in right seq. This include boot sector and solaris VTOC info that match location of root, swap, /usr, /var.

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Ensure disks are accessible from all nodes that will share the LUN. vxdisk -eo alldgs list # -e will add OS_NATIVE_NAME column # -o alldgs show all diskgroup and their name Create a volume. But if hardware RAID is used, software RAID should be avoided. For VCS management, all disk for a Oracle use can be placed in an Oracle DG so that all volume in it can be migrated to a second node in one single command.vxdg -g oracledg adddisk u03=emcpower25s2 # add the new LUN to an existing disk group # think of this as raw disk vxdg -g oracledg free # to find free space vxassist -g oracledg make u03vol 23001472 u03 # assign a volume, think of this as making the partition. click on [LINK] icon so that it is in link edit mode Click on parent resource eg u01mount Click on child resource eg u01vol This says u01vol needs to be available before u01mount can do the mount.vxprint Create File System, Mount mkfs -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/oracledg/u03vol fsck -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/oracledg/u03vol mount -F vxfs /dev/vx/dsk/oracledg/u03vol /u03 VCS, Add resource: Volume hares -add u03v Volume Oracle hares -modify u03v Volume u03v hares -modify u03v Disk Group oracledg hares -modify u03v Critical 0 hares -modify u03v Enable 1 VCS, Add resource: Mount hares -add u03m Mount Oracle hares -modify u03m Mount Point /u03 hares -modify u03m Block Device /dev/vx/dsk/oracledg/u03v hares -modify u03m FSType vxfs hares -modify u03m Critical 0 hares -modify u03m Snap Umount 0 hares -modify u03m Ckpt Umount 1 hares -modify u03m Second Level Monitor 0 hares -modify u03m Second Level Timeout 30 hares -modify u03m Fsck Opt %-y ## option is -y, but shell need the % to escape (hide) the - hares -modify u03m Enable 1 # change item to critical once everything is known to work. The parent is displayed at top and need to be clicked first int he linking process; then the child is clicked second, and it will then be demoted to lower part of the tree in the display.Repeat of other dependencies, click on parent object which is listed first, then secondly click on child object (listed last): -- Each Volume (u0*v) becomes the parent of the share disk group (Ora_sharedg) (dg must be online before individual volume can be online) -- Each mount is a parent of corresponding volume.-- The App service (eg oracleapp) is the parent of all mounts.

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