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They generally like men with dark hair and dark eyes.

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It is also great when you are bringing your new bride back to your own home country.

Depending on the country which you reside the visa requirements may not be as complex as for other countries.

The Republic of Estonia is a democratic parliamentary state in Northern Europe.

Lying in the Baltic region, Estonia is surrounded by the Russian Federation, the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland and Lake Peipus.

Despite of its meager population, it still doesn't lack in diversity as there are around 110 different languages spoken in this country.The country is bordered by the gulf of Finland, the Baltic sea and the Peipsi lake.Estonians spend a lot of time at the beach and as such the women like to make sure they maintain their bodies in swimsuit worthy shape.This "man drought" as it is known leaves a gap that I'm sure many western men would be more than happy to fill.Estonia is a land of beaches and the seaside culture is very engrained into Estonians lifestyle.

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