Ethiopian dating dc

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The DMV area has the largest Ethiopian/Eritrean expat population in the world.

I'm from DC and being white is no advantage to gaming Ethiopian women its all about social/religion/family acceptance, before they are even handing out a phone number they consider these things with men of any race.

But unfortunately for non-Ethiopian men everywhere they keep to their own circle, judged by the fact that I have never seen a white guy with an Ethiopian girl. My postings on game and girls are from experience, but I’m going to have to branch out here and share with you a plan on how I’m going to get my Ethiopian flag.

As a Caucasian man limited by his non-Ethiopianness, the plan is based on… Once I find an Ethiopian girl to approach (shouldn’t be hard considering that Washington DC has more Ethiopians than any other city outside of Ethiopia), I will attack with this two-pronged strategy: 1.

They tend to be more conservative , less "modern", less educated ( less affluent).

Family is important to them and since they have a dozen brothers, sisters and cousins who also happen to be their best friends ...

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