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Contracts are formulated between two or more persons for the accomplishment of a lawful object or action. The Ministry of Social Affairs & Labour through its various institutions cares for children, youth and the handicapped, besides its financial aid to families in need and its social care for labourers and elderly people. Despite the setbacks caused by the Iraqi invasion in 1990, Kuwait has: For almost two centuries Kuwaitis have been traders, and because of this trading background and the presence of an active merchant community in Kuwait.For a contract to be legal it must have the following elements: 1-Offer: The offer is an act by which a thing or project presented to a person for the purpose of entering into contract. The Social Securities Authority is supported by all Government and Public institutions and deals with matters relating to pensions and compensation paid in cases of sickness and death. There is a marked tendency to give business preference to Kuwaitis and economy is dominated by locally owned companies.2-Acceptance: Acceptance is an act of free will expressed verbally, or in written form or with an explicit sign language if one of the parties is unable to speak or write. Cheques with the phrase written "only for beneficiary", cannot be endorsed to the favor of others.The expression should be clear without any vagueness that could be interpreted otherwise. An endorser can indicate on the cheque that nobody should further endorse the cheque after him, in such a case he will not be responsible to pay the value of the cheque to any new endorser; but he is held jointly responsible to pay the original beneficiary and those who endorsed the cheque before he did.Contracting through mail, or telephone, or any similar method is possible if offer and consent are affected during transaction, or within a specified time agreed upon by the parties to the contract. Time differences from GMT to other major countries are shown : When it is (noon) in London (GMT) and pm in Kuwait, the time in other Countries are : (Consider one hour difference for daylight saving countries) Afghanistan.......... All cheques issued in Kuwait must be drawn on a bank, and it is possible to issue a cheque "pay to bearer" that can be cashed in the bank and a cheque without the name of a person to be paid is considered a cheque 'pay to bearer'.Article 51 of the law dwells on the contract forms where the other party fills in the blanks. A drawer of a cheque guarantees its payment, and any condition counter to that is considered null.In addition, there are 3 main Sea Ports, namely Al-Shuwaikh, Al-Shuaiba and Doha, the first is the largest and oldest and was established in 1960. 3 Zakat or Almsgiving (A muslim has to pay 2.5% per annum on the annual savings). Modesty of dress demands muslim women to cover from head to toe in public. Kuwait has a comprehensive and highly developed free national health-care system. Kuwait has established a Reserve Fund for Future Generations to provide for the welfare of its people.The Ministry of Information runs the government press and the radio and television broadcasting stations. 4 Saum or Fasting (Total abstaining from food or drink from dawn to dusk for a period of one whole month during Ramadan). Though Muhammad (PBUH) is the final prophet of Allah, muslims believe in all the previous prophets. The fund receives 10 percent of the state's revenues annually, and both principal and interest were originally scheduled to remain untouched until the year 2001.

All long distance flights depart from and arrive at Terminal-2, which is built in the shape of an aeroplane, its arrival and departure areas forming the wings of a long fuselage containing the aircraft access gates. Throughout the northern, western, and central sections of Kuwait there are desert basins, which fill with water after winter rains; historically these basins formed important watering places for the camel herds of the Bedouin. The basic tenet of Islam is that there is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of Allah. Islam is the first religion to grant men and women equal rights and they have been specified with different duties to perform. Kuwait has a comprehensive scheme of social welfare.Issued in 1980, this law deals with generalities about the law and its applications; it stipulates that if the law does not cover a certain area the judge must resort to the established customs and traditions of the country, and if this does not help the judge, he must resort to the Islamic Sharia and his own juristic reasoning depending upon the case and its elements. However it is strictly forbidden to propogate any other religion besides Islam. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for external security and its army, navy and airforce are among the most comprehensively equipped in the world. Small mammals such as hares, rabbits, jerboa, rats and mice are a more usual sight.RIGHTS Two types of rights are mentioned in the law they are moveable and immoveable rights. The Ministry of Interior is responsible for internal security. The bird life in Kuwait includes the Desert and Hoopoe Larks, the Flamingo and the rare Brown Necked Raven.There are cases where the offer requires a certain response not necessarily explicit, in such instances silence, (no - response) is considered a consent. For example, funeral services are sponsored by the state irrespective of nationality and are absolutely free, very smooth, and organised as compared to heavy financial expenses in other countries. There are, however, business opportunities for foreign companies, as it is recognised that a major foreign contribution is necessary to meet the Government's objectives.Consent to an offer is annulled if the offer or the accepting party loses his mental capacity, or dies before making his consent known. Kuwait has one time zone which is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. While the intention is undoubtedly to retain Kuwaiti control of ventures in which foreign companies are involved, this should not prevent such companies from having profitable operations in Kuwait.

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