Fees for liquidating trustee

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A full list of what is being sold is in the declaration. He had previously filed an order allowing the professionals to automatically be reimbursed 80% of their fees after giving certain notice.

ignoring real offers while accepting M offers from people who have no money, not firing the 'henchmen', and ignoring great proposals), allowing him and his bankruptcy professional buddies to rack up a ton of fees, Ross would get out of prison (or have minimal prison time, and later dig up his buried bullion), and Paul Wagner would get the multi-million dollar Chinese business.

This is done outside of the court, so there likely will be no records of how much everything sold for or who got the money.

The Trustee has filed a motion to sell various property, including 2 vehicles, a gun safe, refridgerators, a telescope, a metal detector, and a WWII camera.

I also pointed out that Medalcraft was the competitor in question. The Judge turned the floor to the Martin Smith, of the U. Trustee's office, regarding complaints about the Chapter 11 Trustee Mark Calvert. Smith decided to refer to colorful characters, indirect references to conspiracy theories, and allegations. In this post, I am going to focus on just one seemingly unimportant aspect of the hearing: the allegations of conspiracy theories.

So were these allegations of mine "unfounded and unsupported" and "based on rumor and innuendo" as Mr. The Judge then pointed out that these aren't just specious allegations. Basically, one of the members of the creditors' committee, an ex-member, and myself (along with a few others) wrote to the court with allegations of what has been going on.

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