Finding itune folders and consolidating

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Make the Text Larger for Easier Reading If you’re on a netbook or notebook with a smaller screen, you can make the text larger so you can see everything easier. Then under the General tab change Source and List Text to Large. Then drag your playlist to it…very simple, but can make finding the right genre of music you want to listen to easier.

It makes a big improvement if you’re on a small screen or just have a hard time seeing it with the smaller default font size. Conclusion These are just a few tips that will help improve your i Tunes experience.

This also gives you more control over your music collection, which will be appealing to the serious music enthusiast.

Disable Unused Services Apple assumes you own an i Pod, Apple TV, i Phone, and other Apple products.

There are certainly other factors that cause i Tunes to run slow such as how many apps you have running at the time and how powerful the machine is.

But we can make some adjustments to the settings in i Tunes to help speed it up.

There are also third party software applications out there that will eliminate duplicate music files such as Audio De Dupe.

Again, not everyone will want to turn the suggested features off.

Install i Tunes Faster You can actually make your installation of i Tunes go more quickly by disabling a few things while going through the Setup Assistant.

If you have a lot of songs in you’re my Music folder, i Tunes will want to add them all.

When deleting a playlist, you’ll get a message asking if you’re sure. Disable Genius If you haven’t turned Genius on, then don’t. While it’s enabled you’ll notice that it’s doing a lot of things in the background, taking up resources.

Turn off Cover Flow While the Cover Flow feature offers some cool “eye candy”, it can run slow, especially on older systems.

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