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Within the exhale, she said, "Joe, Joe, what are we to do now? "You see Joe, I love Derrick very much and he loves me.

" I sensed it was rhetorical, so maintained my silence. "To be blunt, his cock is truly just too damn big for my pussy to take it all.

"Listen Joe, you know that Kristi was really there for me at the end of my marriage, right? We talked about topics we had never broached before. Some of it was to help me heal and some of it was just for distraction.

The result was that she helped me get through the worst moments in my life, and it brought us closer than sisters." She took on a faraway gaze and smiled in remembrance.

Trust me, your wife has some secret fantasies that aren't just dirty, they are quite filthy." She laughed now, not derisively, but in a rich genuine manner.

"Truthfully lover, they blew me away, because I'd always assumed that I was the filthy girl between her and I." I'm sure the disbelief I was feeling showed on my face.

She stopped and took a moment to survey her surroundings, almost conspiratorially. " Whispering myself now, though I didn't know the purpose of it, I breathed, "Okay, I'll bite. " Smiling again, she responded, "Men are dense sometimes.

Then, continuing the theme, she spoke more quietly, as if sharing a secret. Joe, she didn't hold it against you, because she also kept back some of her own.

Coming back to the present, her smile remained as she carried on.As she exited, I briefly saw them over her shoulder, still on the bed and making out like a couple of horny teenagers.She retraced her previous steps down the hall and back to the living room, where she plopped down on the sofa."As I opened up and told her everything about me, she reciprocated.Truthfully, I have no idea of the extent of her limits, but from the discussions I've had with her, I'm thinking that hers are quite a bit more, ummmm... than my own." Openly curious, I interjected, "Limits?

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