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It is because of this that when there is a crack, a break, it seems like it has been forever, or possibly no time at all."Hello?" the human asks, stepping into the space and flicking his hand at the hole in the universe.Bettman does not flinch, does not react at all, and Puck's smile widens at that. It's no secret that Connor's close to some of the guys from his draft year. It got out."Connor's mind is racing, trying to piece together everything he knows, everything he can remember about what they'd done last year, and he keeps coming to the same answer. "If it's—if it really is Puck, then it didn't get out. Whatever he was expecting Connor to say, it wasn't that. We sealed it in its universe thing and then kicked the universe out of our universe.

Toronto's like a magnet for blanks.""What is it with first overall picks and being blank? It's hard knowing what in Edmonton is still Taylor's and what's just adding pain onto the memory of the trade."Okay," Ryan says, something gentle in his voice. It hadn't helped anything that they'd been hit with Taylor's trade, either.

"I think we can hold off on Crosby until we know a little more. Jordan had tried to follow, had all but threatened to refuse to report, but it's not like management had known what they were doing to Jordan and Taylor personally, or that it would have mattered much.

Once we know what we need, then we can call in the big guns.""Good plan," Connor says, nodding. ""I don't think we should tell a bunch of people," Mitch says slowly. He and Taylor had held onto each other for as long as they could, and then they'd started their seasons in different time zones for the first time in a long, long time.(Jordan has two years left on his contract.

He steps forward, too small, far too confident, dressed as humans do when their hope is to impress."My name is Gary Bettman," the human says, voice shrill, grating.

"I'm here to make a deal with you."The words take a moment to register, but when they do... Puck steps out from the shadows that Bettman had not quite been able to banish, not completely, and smiles. It's the Edmonton one."Connor sucks in a sharp breath, glad he's already sitting. ""I haven't seen it or anything," Noah says, "but yeah, man. "They can explain what actually happened, but yeah.

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