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Emme has a women's clothing line featuring sizes 2 thru 26.

A 16-inch collectable plus size fashion doll, bearing Emme's name and likeness, represents a more realistic image of women as opposed to Barbie dolls.

Her mission is to produce plus size clothing that flatters full figured women. Elaine Miles is a plus size actress best known for her role as Marilyn Whirlwind in the television series Northern Exposure.

She gained respect in the Native American community because of it, and was named Native American Woman of the Year in 1993, and America's Celebrity Indian of the Year in 1995.

Just like in western capitals, people tend to dress up more. Petersburg’s ladies] you pluck your own eyebrows and only get a facial once a month, [they] will look at you as though you have just clawed your way out of a swamp,” confesses Bruk. And the main reason why it is important is to attract and keep a boyfriend or a husband.

“Women in Russia are hardly ever seen without high heels or makeup and are always proud of their sensuality and appearance,” writes Tammy Dray in her article for

) Diana Bruk is a young American woman who was born in Russia and moved to the Big Apple at the age of 5 with her family.

She grew up in the States but due to her heritage speaks fluent Russian.

In addition to being a model, she is a member of Hollywood NOW (National Organization for Women) and is the "Love Your Body" Committee Chairperson for the local chapter.In a 2006 poll of 4,000 people, she was named as the most admired female celebrity amongst women in Britain.French has also won and been nominated for several notable awards, among them the British Comedy Award for Best TV Comedy Actress and the BAFTA TV Award for Best Comedy Performance.Since Northern Exposure, Elaine has done tours with her dancing and was recently in the sci-fi movie Wyvernhad as Deputy Susie Barnes.She has also done an exercise video in response to the high diabetes rates among Native Americans Emme Aronson - model, writer, plus size clothing designer.

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