Headline examples for dating sites

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Bold, clean typography gives the user a glimpse of what this design studio has to offer.

Through the use of both the designers illustration/self-portrait and headline, the visitor is given some genuine insight into the creator’s personality.

A play on words is used in this website for a company that sells pens – allowing the customer to consider just what they’re purchasing before they make the decision.

A fun illustration and accompanying headline relay to the visitor a compelling experience from this design studio.

Creative Payne uses a mixture of typographic styles to tell visitors who they are, where they’re from, and what services they offer.

The website for this designer, Vince Angeloni, uses a call-out treatment similar to a flyer to encourage the visitor to pursue his services.

Stylized type is used to reach the demographic this website is aimed towards in hopes they’ll respond to this serious message and educate themselves.

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A fun, straightforward speech-bubble catches your attention and provokes you to what to understand more about this design studio. The website for Ryan Keiser emphasizes his services through the use of bold, large-scale typography.

I invite you to create a word document with about 100 headlines for inspiration and reference it anytime you’re creating new post titles.

Alternatively, you could just use the 110 headline templates in Traffic Domination.

Typography is used to encourage the visitor to enact and download this animators reel.

Unfortunately the site is not available live, but you can see the concept up close on Behance.

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