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Silver Sexy's message arrived a few minutes later: "Are you sure you know what you want? Actually, the more I thought about her latest message, the hornier I got. Dad was sleeping in his Lazy-Boy and mom's eyes were glued to the TV set. I rolled onto my back and grandma entered the room, carrying a tray with two glasses on it. "You've been so good to your granny." Her swelling breasts wagged back and forth just above my nose and my cock stirred. Her other hand slid down my chest to my groin and she wrapped her fingers around my cock.

And, equally clear how much she enjoyed teasing me. I raced downstairs and dashed through the living room. I lay there with my cheek against the satin sheets until I heard the soft pad of feet in the hallway. "There, there, Charlie," she purred as she sat on the edge of the bed. "You've been such a good boy," she continued, stroking my hair.

I was so antsy at dinner that night that my parents asked me twice if school was going okay. Swearing, I pulled my Econ book out of my backpack and settled in for a late night of price indicators and market signals. "Damn," I said to myself as my fingers slid around my already stiff cock.

A woman who knew how to dress for a man and who was unabashed about her desire. I hesitated, visualized Silver Sexy's big ass, and hit the send button. There was nothing more from Silver Sexy that night but in the morning I had another message and a photo of her bare legs in high heels.

It took less than a minute for Silver Vixen to respond and when she did, my whole body jolted and my jaw dropped. It felt like I was spinning into a dark, deep hole as I pressed the doorbell.

That's the way internet dating worked a lot of the time, at least in my experience. "She'd be a lucky mother." I smiled and rubbed my cock through my sweatpants. To demonstrate how much I wanted Silver Vixen, I whipped my sweats down, clicked a picture of my hard dick, and attached it to the message. Taking a deep breath, I left the car and plodded to the front door.

Was this her getaway plan, part of some kind of flake-out? Then, when push came to shove and it came to arranging a meet-up . "If she did, I'd be in real trouble." A tiny, smiling emoticon popped into the chat window, followed by another message. I drove fast through the dark streets, still unsure if I was doing the right thing. I pulled up in front of the address Silver Sexy had given me and switched off the ignition. I stumbled past her into the front hallway where a single candle glowed on a table next to the door.

Don't you get lonely." She tittered nervously and waved her hand at me. "I bet there's tons of guys out there who'd like to hang out with you." Granny blushed and guffawed. I found her phone, powered it on, and downloaded "Hook Up," my favorite dating app. Not so good-looking women who looked too desperate. Now it was older women who looked too desperate or like they'd just gotten back from their AA meeting. There was something intriguing about her: an older women with such a sexy style.

On the shelf." She gestured toward the bookshelf on the opposite wall. She was definitely older, although her profile only indicated that she was 50 plus.

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