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He believed that the country was under threat because mothers weren't emotionally disconnecting from their children at a young enough age, and the matriarchy was making young men weak and losing their "man power".

This fueled that anti-feminist movement; women were in need of psychotherapy to aid their mental illness and further prevent the spread of maternalism.

Canada was one of the few countries with an academic category within psychology for feminism.

They relied on CR (consciousness raising) groups to build their movement.

In 2005, 58.2 percent of the psychological positions in the United States of America were held by women, and as of 2013 it is now 68.3 percent (APA, 2013).

The use of the word women in conjunction with psychology was forbidden, men refused to be excluded from the narrative.

In her experience of teaching class, or being assistant professors, they had to phrase it in the interest of human beings or gender.

Unger's paper "Toward a Redefinition of Sex and Gender" said that the use of gender showed the separation of biological and psychological sex.

Psychology of women is feminist because it says women are different from men and that women's behavior cannot be understood outside of context.

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