How to spot a liar in online dating

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First, shift your Hollywood version of the sociopath or psychopath (the terms are interchangeable) – a cold-blooded serial killer – to the actual definition of a sociopath. In fact, sociopaths have an especially strong fondness for evoking pity. Good people will let pathetic individuals get away with, sometimes literally, murder. Sometimes the more we fear someone, the more we defer to them and offer them respect.

But did you know that we ­cross paths with sociopaths on a regular basis — and often don’t even know it? In particular, I like his Pre-Incident Indicators (PINs), which reads like a menu of sociopathic characteristics: So now you have a lead on how to recognize a sociopath, and hopefully red flags will rise when you encounter one. It makes sense if you think about it – without human connection, what else is there?

This enabled him to depict himself as the perfect catch for each woman he conned.

He was so bold that once he took one of his victim to his apartment in Toronto.

However, it turned out he was never listed as the owner of the apartment in any records.

Since then Whitter is at large and has an outstanding arrest warrant.

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