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He seemed to like it but I think I enjoyed it more than him. He had to walk around with cum stains on his pants. Does anyone else have humiliating things that they have done or happened to them?

The live sessions give you a chance to sample what it be like if you ever decided to take it to the next level and visit a real life dungeon.

It’s easy enough to say you’d like her to dress as a nurse in stockings and suspenders.The more she talks about how small it is or what a "big boy" I am the faster I squirt. I was humiliated some about my small penis when I was younger by a friend my age too. i as red in face but still hard and jacked off and hit one ladies leg and into her martini glass ( stirred not shaken)My wife humiliates me. Only registered users are permitted to participate in message board discussions. Find out more about becomming a Jackin Chat member.Rarely in public, but online she makes me talk to many people or share pictures of her to "real men"! It is can be a little embarrassing, but I guess that is kind of the point. Registered users, please login using the Member Login panel in the sidebar.Please Note: Comments posted to the comments area below WILL NOT be approved for display if they contain personally identifiable information such as Telephone Numbers, KIK ID’s, Snap Chat ID’s, Skype ID’s, Yahoo ID’s, Email Addresses, Web Links to Facebook etc.Meet your live superior mistress cams chat host now. Enter her room sissy loser and be prepared to be owned.

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