Humiliation chat rooms

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That begins with "what's private and what's not," and appropriate use of body parts when kids are young.

With sexting sometimes appearing in middle school, waiting until high school to talk about appropriate behavior can be too late, Houser said.

"We talk about prevention as a lifelong investment and conversation parent and kids should be having," she said.

Sibert said sexting could also involve bullying, intimidation and peer pressure.

"The reality is when you are doing something online and using devices there is always a way for someone to retrieve it, to hack into it," Scaer said.

"I suspect it will take some time, because it's a forensics investigation going on with the county," Fry said.They were also told that it was lawful for search warrants to be served in school; and that the school is not involved in the investigation, unless images were viewed or showed during the school day.Students were also asked not to spread rumors or second-hand information."We want out students be able to talk to our teachers, and talk about the challenges if you are asked to provide a picture of yourself. These are things you and I didn't have to deal with," Fry said.Letters have not been sent home to parents, Fry said.

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