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To speed up flu vaccine production, the US FDA has approved a new insect-based, genetically engineered flu vaccine, as well as vaccines grown in cultures of dog kidney cells rather than eggs.And while mainstream media claim the flu vaccine is working well this year, a recent review of published research shows flu vaccines are ineffective at best, and produce neurological complications at worst, while having no effect at all on hospitalizations or working days lost. Mercola After a grueling 15-year long battle, the Texas Medical Board has officially ended its crusade to revoke Dr. Burzynski received much-needed publicity two years ago with the release of Burzynski — The Movie, a documentary about Dr. Permission granted to freely distribute this ebook far and wide by any means possible.

“This is not a product that everyone would want to consume,” said Jane Rissler from the Union of Concerned Scientists(UCS) to the Washington Postback in 2007.

Dr Weeramanthri said he had few details on the child’s condition but they were “seriously ill”.

Rogue batch may be to blame As recently reported, a hardier than normal type of flu has spread around the US, and much earlier than normal, causing some states to declare public health emergencies.

She limps and has chronic pain in her lungs, as well as rashes that have lingered for a year.

Once, a visit to the barn ended with respiratory distress and a trip to the emergency room. What specifically can you do NOW to prepare and protect yourself and your beloved family members? Pentagon’s Million Chemical & Biological Program at Porton Down in UK MARCH 28, 2018 BY By Dilyana Gaytandzhieva - 21WIR Information obtained from the US federal contracts registry reveals that the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) has funded a number of military projects performed at the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), or Porton Down, over the last decade.

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