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I want to talk to my boss about it but am not sure if this is the law (California), or is he allowed to give me what he sees fit?The IRS allows people to deduct a mileage rate of 56 cents per mile, and many employers use the IRS’s rate. The purpose of the IRS rate isn’t to impose the rate on employers, but rather to tell people what they can deduct at tax time.I’ve thought about going to her personally and saying that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to have those photos right next to the company’s name, but given the fact that she is extremely hostile towards me at work, I have decided this is not the best course of action.(I talked with two of my managers about the hostility issue, and their response was “Not my problem.” So, I have tried to reach a resolution with that to no success.)I’m trying to decide if I should report this to HR or not.I have also seen it appear that someone has their eyes closed or is avoiding eye contact.Nearly every webcam has software to take a picture with the webcam, which is a great way to check that everything you’ve noted in previous lists is good and Skype has a number to call to test sound.Beyond that, though, if you’re concerned that people won’t see your value, you could look for ways to give your work higher visibility if that’s appropriate — but in general, assuming that you’re producing at a high level yourself, people aren’t going to wonder what your worth is just because they interact more frequently with one of your staff members.

If you’re in a management role, you have more of a responsibility to mention what you saw. But the fact that you’re working somewhere where your managers actually said “not my problem” when you tried to talk with them about a work issue means you’d be pretty justified in deciding that this this is not problem.That actually makes you look good; after all, it reflects poorly on managers when they have people on their team who don’t excel.If your concern is that you’ll get out of the loop, that’s legitimate, but you could address that by asking her to keep you informed about certain types of queries or information and/or looping you in on particularly challenging or sensitive situations.I have one employee reporting to me who is working in one of our remote offices.I have found that on many occasions when other teams in the remote office need any information, they directly approach her instead of coming to me.

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