Insufficient base table information for updating

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I am an old VB2 programmer and in the process of moving up.

In VB2 I could obtain a data row via and index on an access table. I can retrieve a single row using a query, but an index would be faster.

Connection String = "Provider=SQEDB.1; Integrated Security=SSPI; Persist Security Info=False; Initial Catalog=Northwind; Data Source=My SQLServer" conn. Value property when returning just the field values (when accessing more properties, a using field object variable is also more efficient)? Also if you start using full notation you can start using shortcuts like Dim fld as ADODB. Fields("Last Name")and use fld to access it in a loop which is MUCH faster. Two thoughts came to my little mind, maybe the loading of two combo boxes was causing the appearance of duplication.

Move Next Loopcbo Eligibility = s Eligcbo Elig2 = s Elig2 'LOAD Need CODESado RS5.

Move Next Loopcbo Need = s Needcbo Need2 = s Need2ado Rec. No, what I meant is using the (hidden) Collect method: Some Value = rs.

Move Next Loopcbo Pgm Code = s Code'LOAD Eligibility CODESado RS4.

Open "[Needs]", ado Combos Need = cbo Needs Need2 = cbo Need2Do Until ado RS5.

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