Intj dating infp

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While my N and F were as strong as ever, my weak E became an I, and my P slipped into a slight J.Each individual falls somewhere on a spectrum for each of these four functions.On one hand, it can be absolutely fascinating to analyze personality quirks and categorize all your friends and family.After a minor car crash (that was entirely my fault), our summer love came to a screeching halt. Things that we might have glossed over when we were physically together became mammoth canyons when all we had was a phone. Short story: The hypothetical life we had thought we could build together was really a castle made on quicksand, and it was all caving in quite fast. When I did start “talking” to other guys, I would quickly tell them about this personality predictor only to be disappointed when they were a different type.That night, kind of shaken up by events, we had real talk. With my heart in my throat, our relationship was terminated suddenly—and sharply. Instead of leaving my MBTI revelations to the wayside, I clung to them even harder. In my sadness, I quickly became obsessed, scrolling through forums late at night, scavenging for answers. How could I ever be happy with an INFP, an ESTJ, or (heaven forbid) an ISTJ?

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