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YHWH had been extremely displeased with the generations past (v.

2), for they had stubbornly refused to heed the appeal of the prophets of old who had in vain pleaded with them to turn to YHWH that he might turn to them (vv. The verb To turn from YHWH, therefore, is to break covenant with Him and to turn to evil ways and deeds (v. In a covenant context “ways” and “deeds” refer not just to incidental sins but to a whole pattern of rebellion and disloyalty.

C.), Zechariah was likely quite young in 520, being, in fact, a contemporary of Joiakim, son of the first postexilic priest Joshua (Neh , 12-16).

Joiakim’s own son Eliashib was high priest in the time of Nehemiah (Neh 3:1; cf. C., so Joiakim’s priesthood (and thus Zechariah’s ministry) very likely lasted well after 520, perhaps as late as the end of the first quarter of the fifth century.

It is likely that Berechiah died young and that Zechariah was reared by his grandfather.

Zechariah was brought by his grandfather from Babylonian exile and succeeded him in the office of priest (Neh. Since Iddo was a contemporary of Zerubbabel at the time of the “first return” (538 B.

Zechariah, here identified as the son of Berechiah and grandson of Iddo, is referred to otherwise only in Ezra (5:1; ) and Nehemiah () in the OT.

Both Ezra and Nehemiah imply that the prophet is the son of Iddo, neither one mentioning Berechiah, father of Zechariah.

The great age of Jehoiada at his death (130 years; 2 Chron. As Matthew suggests, Jesus is referring to the first (Abel) and last (Zechariah) prophetic martyrs in terms of their canonical appearance, Gen. 24 respectively, and not as the first and last chronologically.

A more perplexing and serious problem regarding Zechariah is the possibility of his being identified by Jesus in the gospels (Matt. A further complication is that there was also a Zechariah son of Jeberechiah who was an acquaintance of the prophet Isaiah (Isa. Though he is not described in Isaiah as a prophet, it is likely that he was, particularly because he served as a witness, along with Uriah the priest, to the message YHWH was delivering to Isaiah.

; Luke ) as the “Zechariah son of Berachiah” who was slain between the sanctuary and the altar. The name Jeberechiah is clearly not a difficulty, being but a fuller writing of Berechiah. The problem with this explanation, of course, is that there is no record of the violent death of this Zechariah.

And behind him were red, *sorrell, and white horses.

Exegesis and Exposition Though the technical terms for vision, such as ), are lacking here and throughout the whole vision section, it is most obvious that the prophet is recounting a series of dream-visions that he saw all in one night.

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